Help with this pc- can it run Wow or possibly other games like BF3

Hey people,
Im interested in buying a new pc for gaming, To get straight to the point, is this pc (Link below) good for gaming. For wow mostly i might want to buy borderlands and poss BF3. Any advice will be appreciated.
Novatech Black NTA09 - AMD FX-6100 Processor - 8GB DDR3 1333Mhz Memory - 1TB SATA Hard Drive - ATI 7850 1GB Graphics Card - Novatech Gaming Case & 750W PSU

Also this PC,

(Quick note, all i want is a pc that can run Wow and other games smoothly - 30 fps+ in all areas etc)

Thanks in advance, imi
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  1. it should play most games well on 1200x1024 but if you want 1920x1080 then i would suggest building your own computer or buying a higher end pre built rig. Also AMD processors arent the best for gaming, Intel's would perform better but your going to pay for it.
  2. Yeah, that should be a pretty good gaming PC. The video card would be consider mid-range gaming and should handle just about anything out today, albeit not at the highest resolutions.

    The CPU is OK, but I'd go Intel i3/i5 or FX 4100 series for gaming. Games won't make use of all 6 cores in the FX6100 and the clock speed is lower on the 6100 than on 4100. So you are probably paying more for less in that regard.
  3. Novatech one
    For a prebuilt PC it has a surprisingly good graphics card but thats one of the worst gaming CPUs from a value point of view
    Mesh one
    Thats what I expect from a prebuilt one, the CPU is good but the graphics card will not even play most modern games, the only upgrade option is not much better.
    I suggest you find a site that you can totally customise the build (or build yourself) and get an i3 cpu & the Radeon 7850 or better.
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