Need Advice For Upgrades For My Amd Build

Hi Guys

Im thinking for doing some upgrades for my AMD build in the new year to improve my gaming and my video editing and would like any one with with a amd systems to give me some advice and what you think of my upgrades

I live in the UK so please use sites that are based in the UK please

my system

CPU - FX 4170 clock @ 4.4 Cooler Arctic Cooling Freezer 13
GPU - Asus Radeon HD 7770 X2 (was in CFX but game play was bad )
RAM - Kingston Hyper blue 8GB 1600mhz (KHX1600C9D3K2/8G)
hdd - Hitachi Deskstar 7200prm 500 GB SATA 3 (HDS721050DLE630)
M/B - asrock 990FX Extreme 3
PSU - Powercool 750watts 80 plus
Case - Zalman Z9-U3 Mid

The upgrades i like to get is a new cpu and gpu and RAM

CPU - fx 8350

GPU -XFX 7950 3GB Black DD Edition with Ghost Thermal and Hydrocell technology

RAM - upgrade to 16 GB's

i would like any one who got these parts and let me what you think of them and if it a good upgrade or if you got a better upgrades for me to look at

Thanks for any help and advice
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  1. I have that xfx 7950, and i love it. Its a great card; i upgraded to it from a 5770 and 6770 crossfired. You only need 8GB of ram for gaming, any more is unneccesary.

    I dont have any experience with any 8350s
  2. Cool thanks mate i will get this GPU in jan and hope it go on the jan sale :D

    i would like to know do i need to uninstall the drivers and ccc before i install a new amd GPU

    and i like to know would my CPU bottleneck the 7950

    thanks for the help
  3. you probably have to do a BIOS update to run the PD processor

    the RAM should be 1.5 volt [or less ]

    other than that it looks good
  4. Outlander_04 said:
    you probably have to do a BIOS update to run the PD processor

    the RAM should be 1.5 volt [or less ]

    other than that it looks good

    hi mate the ram i use is Kingston Hyper blue 8GB 1600mhz (KHX1600C9D3K2/8G) and it runs a 1.65 volts has standard why should the ram at 1.5 volts ???? sorry noob question

    and my M/B BIOS is all update thank for that
  5. the voltage from the RAM runs through the memory controller built in to the processor . The processor cant handle the higher voltages

    For an intel 1.65 volt is an extreme overclock , for an AMD its still not ideal and might shorten the life of the processor
  6. hi mate thanks for the heads up on that so if i put my voltage down to 1.5v @ 1600mhz would i see a lose in performance or not because i my system is stable with the ram at 1.65v has by BIOS set it to

    thanks for the help
  7. Lower voltage wont lower the performance

    but that particular RAM might not run stable at 1.5 volts , or it might run at 1.5 volts if you slacken the timings
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