Asus gtx 680 Directcu II TOP fit in my case?

So i'm a little new to this i've switched graphics cards before but they've always been standard right now, the new card i'm looking at getting is way thicker than standard cards and runs alot cooler and quieter but i want to make sure that if I make this purchase that I will be able to fit it in my case and that everything should be compatible. Any input would be amazing, thank you!
my system specs are as follows:

Case: Coolermaster Haf-X
Mobo: Asus P6X58D Premium
Processor: I7-975x 3.33ghz
GPU: EVGA GTX 470 Superclocked x2 in SLI
Ram: 12gigs of Kingston HyperX 1600
PSU: 1000W Thermaltake Toughpower
HDDs: Crucial C300 x2 in Raid 0 and 2 1tb in raid 0

This is the card im looking at getting

These are the cards I currently have

I'm switching from 2 cards to a single card I just want to make sure there wont be any issues installing this gfx card with my current setup. I've seen reviews and been doing research and this card is really thick especially compared to what I already have. I hope i've provided all the required information if anyone needs anymore information please let me know, i'll try to post it asap. Thanks everyone!
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    No problem, the video card you are looking at is 11.8" long, and the case will accept video cards up too, 13.5"
  2. The thickness of the card should be no issues though? I just want to be sure there wont be any mounting issues when i go to put it in.
  3. As long as you do not plan to install a PCI card in the next slot or do not plan to install another video card in the #2 PCIe slot you will be alright.
  4. Thanks again for the reply, sounds good then now im excited :D cant wait to get this card and test it out!
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