Help, first time builders. No post beep when giving power to the graphics card

Hello, me and my cousin are building his computer and we had it all assembled out of the box and got the post beep, then video to display on the screen, but we didn't have the speaker plugged, so we don't know if we were getting post beep then or not. Well then we put it all in his case and powered it up and got no video or post beep. So now we have taken everything out and gotten the post beep again, but found it doesn't beep when we have both the power cables plugged into the video card. We still are not getting any signal to the minister via hdmi. Thank you for your time!

Elite group p67h2-a3 mother board
Radon hd6870
Corsair 2x8 ddr3 ram
Corsair tx650 pus
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  1. Update: we tried a shitty graphics card from my old computer that didn't need a power cable and it powered up and we got some visual on the screen of the boot menu. So my new question is did we mess up our video card.
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