Hello everyone, i went through the SLI FAQ and i understood that to pair two cards they need to be almost identical. The branding is not that important. So if i understood correctly the Asus one will scale a little bit down to the Gigabyte one. I'm going for a major upgrade and i'm planing to switch to the Intel I5 series now (long years with AMD). So my question is Will these two cards pair well in SLI mode and will a Chieftec 750W PSU handle them. The things on the PSU will be CPU (I5 3570k, one HDD, one SSD, the two cards and probably 1-2 optional case fans).
Thank you in advance.
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  1. The cards should work fine together. You can always clock up the slower card if there is an issue. But there shouldn't be any. A good quality 750W PSU is fine for those cards in SLI. I'm not familiar with the Chieftec brand, but from a quick search it appears to be a good quality PSU. A GTX 560 requires about 150W at max TDP. That's about 12.5A requirement on the +12V rail per card. If your PSU has 4 x 6 pin PCIe connectors, you should be OK.
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