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Y580 Laptop Crashing GTX 660m

Hello everyone,

I have a Lenovo y580 that I purchased this august for my birthday. It comes with intel i7 3610QM processor @ 2.4ghz, 8gb ddr3 ram and and nvidia gtx 660m.
I have had great performance from this laptop but if I upgrade my nvidia graphics driver from 295.55 to 306.23(latest one) my laptop would just reebot randomly without
any bluescreens or errors. It would happen even before it shows the lenovo boot logo, and would just restart over and over. It's really weird because it turns off and about 5 seconds later turns on again. I'm assuming it has to do with the graphics driver but I'm not sure if I have a faulty laptop or what the case is. I could be doing anything or even nothing and it would reebot. This never happens with the 295.55 drivers, only with the more recent nvidia drivers, even the ones before 306.23.

So I have had to revert back to the 295.55 drivers, but I would like to know if there is something wrong with my system or is someone else experiencing these issues?

Thanks in advanced!

Apparently this is happening to me again but it only happens when I try to update my Guild Wars 2 game. I tried furmark and everything was fine, played some ArmA 2 and nothing happened, I also tried downloading large files to see if it was something wrong with the wireless I'm even more confused...anyone have any ideas??
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  1. Does no one really know? It's some faulty drivers or faulty card. I'm assuming it's the drivers because I have installed 295.93 and I was able to update everything and play everything with no problems or crashes. I know there were some problems with the 306.32 drivers but I'm also having problems with the new 306.97 drivers.

    Can someone tell me if they have problems with new divers with the mobile GTX600 cards? It's computer crash related, not game crashing.
  2. my y580 also crashes most of the time when i used it on playing games.. its really bad and unconvinient..
  3. Are your problems resolved?
    If not try one of these things:
    -if the free mcafee is installed, uninstall it and use something else. Apparently that is the one causing problems in many y580's
    -Some people have also resolved issues by first uninstalling all drivers, and then installing Intel drivers, followed by Nvidia drivers in that order.
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    I own a Y580 as well. It seems that while the drivers supplied with Y580 look standard, they are actually custom made by either Lenovo or Nvidia (not sure) to accommodate the dual GPU setup Y580 has. I would guess that updating to latest official Nvidia drivers messes with that. Do you still have the Program Settings tab in your Nvidia Control Panel?
  5. I noticed the same as you, with the new drivers it just simply doesn't work. What did work for some time was uninstalling the Lenovo Energy Management software but now I have the default graphics driver and I haven't crashed since!
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