Need a video card

right now is what im at (suggested by someone on another thread of mine [:panicmaster85:6] ) and i haven't even heard of sapphire tech and i want an equivalent Video card (around the same cost hopefully) that i can put in place of it.

Also could someone tell me what kind of performance i should expect for playing world of warcraft? (FPS for each settings, low good high ultra) and what i should expect to get out of the machine when recording/livestreaming while playing. {[All on a 1600x900 monitor] Maybe even with a second minitor}

Like maybe this evga card but the newegg compare feature doesnt show everything on it

Newegg compare:

EVGA card:

im just looking for the best i can get for 145$
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  1. Here's the best you can get for under $145 evga 650 ti
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