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I have the GeForce GTX 660ti Power Edition card and I bought this TV to use as my pc monitor:

The problem is, it's using a generic monitor for it and the driver isn't showing that it's capable of 120hz. Also, since this is a TV, I am without the adjustments to fit everything onto the screen (even at 1920x1080p).

My question is - is there a better generic monitor driver that will make the image fit correctly on a 32" screen and allow for 120hz?

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    TV Hz is not computer Hz. Modern TVs are all 60Hz no matter what they say on the box IIRC.

    EDIT: I think that TVs that say that they are more than 60Hz still are 60Hz, but they flash black screens between each regular refresh. 120Hz would have one black screen flash between each regular frame, 240Hz would have three, etc. IDK for sure about that, but I think that it's correct.
  2. You may be right. Through my nvidia control panel, I was able to manually set it to 120hz and also manually size the screen. Whether it's actually at 120hz may or may not be true...'s 32" #*&$ inches!!! I love this friggin card. Althoug, I think I'm going to go blind...

    I appreciate the reply.
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