Upgrading from GTX 550 ti SLI to GTX670 or the GTX680 which one?

Hey guys

just a quick question looking at upgrading my graphics card and im just wondering how much better the GTX670 is than GTX550 ti SLI? should i go for the GTX670 or the GTX680?
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  1. Is their a certain reason why you are wanting to upgrade? Cause GTX 550 SLI is pretty good.
  2. just wanting to be able to run battlefield 3 on ultra at the moment i have to run it on medium otherwise after playing for an hour or so on ultra i start to get spikes through the middle of the screen and starting lagging.
  3. How are you not able to run it on Ultra?

    550ti SLI is slightly faster than a GTX 570. 570 does ultra at around 45 FPS.
  4. The game would keep throttling back the VRAM usage and it incurred stuttering and severe FPS drops. So the experience was around 55-60 FPS with severe interruptions of 20-35 FPS. Cranking it down to the next lowest setting worked great and even with some of the graphics settings on Ultra, excluding the texture setting. So it is possible but it just sucks because of the lack of VRAM
  5. i want to upgrade anyway to be clear of all this and not need to worry about having to lower settings to make the game run at its best. How much of a Jump is the GTX670? is it worth paying the extra $100 in the long run and just getting the GTX680?
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    670 will BF3 Ultra 60FPS, heck even a 660ti should do it.
  7. +1 for the 670. I had a horrible experience with 560ti SLI and BF3 and that sealed the deal to buy a 670. No more hassle :)
  8. thanks heaps guys looks like im gonna go with the 670 :)
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