Catalyst drivers creating tiny artifacts?

Hey, all, newbie here.

I just bought a new laptop, ASUS k55n (A8 5500m Trinity) from a Best Buy. When I opened it and turned it on, I noticed that there were tiny little anomalies a couple pixels wide floating around, flicking on and off. I didn't think much, I thought it would be fixed when I reinstalled windows, I wanted to remove bloatware anyway.

With the stock Windows driver, everything worked out fine, except since it was stock, it wasn't able to utilize Aero, or play Minecraft. No little anomalies/artifacts. I guess it wasn't openGL enables. Okay, fine, I'll install the AMD Catalyst drivers.

I did that. It turned out bad. There would be plenty of little artifacts scattered across the screen, it gets especially bad in areas where transparency is important, such as Aero Glass. Even with aero turned off, artifacts still appeared. I uninstalled the drivers, rolled back to the stock Windows one. No artifacts. Rolled back to the second most recent off ASUS' k55n downloads/support page. Still on it now, still has artifacts.

I think nothing can be defective if the windows driver works and the AMD ones don't, except for the drivers themselves.

Bulletpoints of my machine:
-Windows 7 Home Premium
-AMD A8 5500m (trinity)
-4GB ram
-Product name: (k55n)

EDIT: forgot a screenshot. Sorry for the jpeg, but the artifacts are there.
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  1. If you bought it from Best Buy, return it and get another one.
  2. Is that even a possibility? I clean installed Windows 7, it's pretty much nothing like how the floor model is now.
  3. Continue to install all Windows updates and service pack 1.

    Install DX update components:

    If your issue has not yet resolved after all the updates, there may be a hardware flaw in the monitor pixel structure.

    I still suggest you to contact Asus support.
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