2 network connections only want 1 uses teredo

I used to have 1 icon in my task bar for internet connection. I now have 2. It says" local area connection", the other "internet connection". They are always communicating and my virus scanner is always scanning them( annoying and wasted resources). I checked what my scanner is looking at and it looks like incoming from my router. If I shut either one down, I lose all internet.
My computer is wired to the wired/wireless router.
Any help in getting back to one connection is appreciated. Dan
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  1. If you have the Teredo Tunneling Adapter installed, and you do not tunnel IPv6 over IPv4, you can remove it.

    Also, your virus protection should only be scanning email being sent or received through your network connection, so unless you have malware forwarding SPAM you should not have that much activity being scanned.
  2. Thanks for the reply. I don't think I have or need IPv4. I don't seem to have any better service with teredo.
    lso, my AV (avast) doesn't show it scanning any traffic for the network. Web shield shows steady traffic.
    So, I guess it woul be better to uninstall the teredo and then see what else is going on after it's removed.
    I didn't see it in Add Remove Programs. Could you tell me how to uninstall it and how I got it in the first place? This only showed up recently. Maybe after an update. Thanks for any help. Dan
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