Help my computer is squealing!!

Hi, I just built a gaming pc a couple days ago, and have been downloading games for the past couple of days. I started oblivion and my computer started squealing, and when i exited or minimized oblivion it would stop squealing. I tried playing halo, and the same thing occurred, it would stop squealing when i minimized or exited the game. One of the fans in the top of my case does not work, if that is the issue... Someone please help!! :(
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  1. It's your video card or power supply please open your case and put your ear close to your card does it sound like this
  2. You forgot to plug the extra 12v pci-e power connector into the back of the graphics card.
    The squeel is telling you that, do as Bigcyo1 says open the computer case up and find the molex plug from the Psu that says Pci-e 12v on it and plug it in, your power supply is a modular one so its likely you forgot to plug that cable in to the Psu to the graphics card so connect it up.
  3. As bigcyo1 and weaselman said....either your gpu, cpu, psu or any combination, and/or power lead into gpu.
  4. I cant really tell if its the power supply or the videocard because they are so close to each other, and the noise is much more high pitched. I will try to locate the 12v pci-e connector, and plug it into the video card. I'm not so pro at computers so ill give it my best shot :p
  5. theres a pci-e 1 pci-e 2 pci-e 3 pci-e 4 slot on my motherboard, its a z77a-g41, not sure where to plug in the 12v pci-connector
  6. Did you plug in power cables to your video card?
  7. yes i checked, both pci-e cables are connected to my 7870. I think its the power supply, because this video on youtube has the exact same sound that my computer makes when i try to play oblivion and halo.
    Anyone know a solution? :/
  8. List the other specs for this pc - include all cards & devices connected to the motherboard (make/model)
  9. The PSU is ok for wattage and Amps on the 12v rails, your cause is more likely a baddly fitted coil or capacitor, It will always happen when you run the graphics card with a game on full power mode, Sorry to say. If your not happy with this Rma the card for another one to try to solve the problem.
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