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Where should I customize my graphic card settings in the nividia control panel, in game, or both? Same goes for my monitor should I change resolution and refresh rates on the control panel or do that in game, or both? Also, why does all of the settings that are auto detected seem to put me at a lower performance level? Borderlands 2 doesn't put my resolution at anything near the 1920x1080 my monitor is capable of and when I set it at that resolution the text is off the Also, why is the default settings at 33-60fps when I know that both my card and monitor can support much more than this? Should I set it at unlimited? Will a notice any tearing or issues of that sort?
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  1. I would list what gear you are using, no one can help you without knowing that.
  2. Just from my personal experience, I set a basic starting point in the global section of the control panel, Then I customize the rest in-game. I rarely like auto-detected settings so I do everything in-game manually, that way I can tailor quality vs performance a little at a time, until I get 60 FPS and the best image possible on my rig. Lastly, by 33-60 fps, do you mean vsync? if so, by disabling it you may get some tearing, if you don't get tearing after disabling it, I would leave it off. Just my $.02.
  3. Specs- gigabyte gtx 670 OC version & asus vg278h 3d display
    That makes sense with the settings. As for the display if I set the refresh rate at 120hz do I need a certain fps from my gpu to support it? Or are they completely separate and they are not really related?
  4. Unless I'm mistaken, setting the refresh rate in-game, you would need 120 fps to get the smoothest visual quality possible. You don't HAVE to get 120 fps on a 120hz monitor, it just looks smoother when you do because the screen will show more than 60 frames a second.
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