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9800gt, it is compatible with Motherboard Intel DP965LT, and PSU seasonic SS 650 JT
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  1. Yes, the card, PSU, and motherboard will work fine together. Be aware though, that the motherboard is PCI ver 1 and the card is ver 2. No big deal, just that the card will only run at the slower 2.5 GT/s speed of PCIe ver 1.
  2. Thanks.....its helpful so no need to update my mainboard
  3. That is correct.
  4. Old card;)
    Old motherboard;)
    They'll play nice together, though and do n't worry about the PCI-E versions, the 9800 is nowhere fast enough to suffer any performance drop with PCI-E 1.0.
    Just a little question; are you planning on gaming with this system?
  5. plan for that, hope can do it.......
  6. What is the resolution of your monitor?
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