CPU or GPU upgrade?

I have around 450$ to spend. My friend is offering me a Intel Core i7-3820, ASUS P9X79 PRO LGA 2011 MOBO and 16 GB RAM Kingston Hyper ( All that for 450, hes a good friend, so giving it all away for cheap). Or should I spend the money on a new GPU. I use my setup only for gaming.

My current build is:

AMD 6950 2GB
AMD 955 black edition
4GB ram Kingston Hyper DDR3 1600
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  1. you are not going to get better gaming performance without changing the graphics card
  2. ^that's true, but all that for only $450 sounds like a deal I won't want to miss out on.
  3. If the stuff is in good shape, take the deal. That HD 6950 will get a boost in performance working with the Ivy Bridge processor. It may have been a bit bottle necked with the 955BE unless you had it O/C'd a bunch. What resolution do you game at? That card/CPU combo should be good for max settings and high frame rates at 1920x1080p with any game.
  4. http://www.tomshardware.com/reviews/medal-of-honor-warfighter-performance-benchmark,3336-7.html

    Might as well buy a brand new AMD octocore , an AM3+ motherboard and 8 gigs of RAM
    Cheaper , newer and in games like BF3 and MoHW likely to perform better than the sandy bridge E processor
  5. im gaming at 1920x1080. And yes all the components are brand new. Maybe 2 months old.

    Ive heard alot of negativity about the fx-8350 it might out perform in some games, but generally intels perform better.
  6. If I was offered that for $450, I'd take it...
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