No POST, No BIOS, No Beeps, No Video, O My!

Hey everybody!

First time poster here having a little bit of trouble with my build. I built it 5 months ago and it's been great till now.

Last night I installed my new Noctua NH-D14 air cooler and a Asus DVD burner/reader. The cooler required me to take out the motherboard to install the Noctua backplate. So I just unpluged everything and cleaned out dust since I had to take the mobo out anyway. The install went smooth and the DVD burner was easy as well however, when I pluged everything back in and fired her up nothing happens. All the fans turn on in the entire system and lights but there is no beeps, no POST, and no BIOS, as well as no video what so ever! On HDMI, or DVI.

I've been researching and I have a few theorys but I wanted some extra help in the matter.

Theroy #1: Maybe the cpu was placed in wrong or slightly off? I heard if there is no cpu you won't get a POST or BIOS or video, which fits my issues pretty well. I doubt it has died though I only cleaned off the old thermal paste with a SLIGHTLY damp paper towel.

Theroy #2: Maybe one of the RAM sticks is loose? Which fits the issues I'm having the same as above. The one thing that doesn't make sense is there are no beeps. At all.

Theroy #3: Video card died? Again i highly doubt it as I only took it out and wiped it with anti-static wipes to get ride of the mild dust that was on it. But this wouldn't prevent the POST or beeps. So unlikely.

Theory #4: I'm stupid and didn't plug something in somewhere. This is probably most likely of all of my theories. I did a very good check of the system, and I don't think I missed anything but you know how that goes :pt1cable: .

Cooler Master HAF X 942 case
Asus Sabertooth Z77 mobo
Noctua NH-D14 cpu cooler
G. Skill 16GB 1866Mhz RAM
SanDisk Extreme 240GB SSD x2 in raid 0
Asus DVD burner/reader
Corsair 850W

Thinking about it I do have a 5th theory.

Theory #5: Maybe the raid 0 setup has to be plugged back into the EXACT same sata ports as before? I forgot which ones they were in so I just put them into the brown sata ports of the mobo (sata3). Then again this wouldn't prevent me from getting to the bios or getting a beep.

I also removed a 128GB Crucial SSD I wasn't using and gave it to my wife, as well as a Sony DVD reader that I didn't need anymore. I doubt that matters though.

Thanks in advacne guys, I know the post was long but I wanted to be as detailed as possible!
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  1. The normal beginners mistake is to forget to fit the 4 or 6 pin connector to the motherboard.
  2. Perhaps the plate you added to the bottom side of the motherboard is causing the problem if you are sure you have the CPU power plugged in (2x4 connector). Perhaps you should try removing it and see it it posts. Be sure your grounded and wear a grounding strap.
  3. I'm going on my dinner break now (night shift) so I'll make sure the cpu power is connected (pretty sure it is though). I'll give it a good look over and report back in the next1-2 hours. Take the backplate off for the new cooler,I'll try but how would that affect it?
  4. Back from my dinner break. So I took the new cooler off and reseated the cpu. I also took a little bit of paste off because it looked like I may have used just a little to much. After I reseated it and put the cooler back on I made damn sure everything was plugged in. The cpu power was (8 pin connector) plugged in when I looked. After all that I turned it on again and no results. Same as before just fans turn on and no beeps, bios, or video. I did not try taking the back plate off becuase that means I have to take the mobo out and I didn't have enough time to try. However when I get home in a few hours I will be taking off the Noctua cooler completely and putting the stock cooler back on. HOPEFULLY (knocks on wood) that will fix the issue. I don't see how the Noctua cooler could be the issue, I've heard of many people with my mobo using this cooler. I'm so frustrated but I guess I need to stay cool and work through this. :(

    A thought. Was I suppose to take my stock backplate off when istalling the Noctua cooler? The instructions say for LGA 1156 leave the stock back plate on. Mine is LGA 1155. I looked it up and it said that they are identical and to leave the stock back plate on. Which I'd assume is right because the Noctua back plate fits perfect over the stock back plate.
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