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hi everyone, my current rig is this
cpu- i7 2600k
case- coolermaster elite 310
os-windows 7
ram 8 gb
500 gb hdd
motherboard-intel dh61ww
I am planning to upgrade my gpu form gt 520 to zotac gtx 660 and my psu from cooler mastre 250w to cm gx 450.
I have doubt that will that graphic card and psu fit in my case? Can this 450w psu run that mobo?I will not do sli.
Will that graphic card work with my motherboard and will my system bottleneck?

I am a rookie to all these stuff,really appreciate any help.
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  1. I can't go there and have a look at your PC, so I can't give you a definite answer. But all you can do is measure the space that you have and measure the 660 that you're upgrading to.

    Also, your choice of the PSU could be better, try to get this:
  2. new egg doesn't ships parts to india. What about corsair cx 500w?
  3. Should be fine.
  4. with that case you could probably even do sli. it looks pretty roomy in that case. the 660s aren't long cards. but just to be sure, i would measure from the PCI brackets to your HDD cages. if it's 9.5 inches or more, you should be fine
  5. is my motherboard fine?
  6. the graphic card and psu will fit in ur case.
    graphic card will work with ur motherboard and i don't see any potential bottlenecks.

    Except for PSU i suggest this:
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