Connection of crossfire with 3 hdmi Monitors?


I would like to ask if i am going to have 2 crossfire HD 7970 SAPPHIRE Vapor-X ghz cards
Output per card - ( 1 hdmi 1 display port, 1 dvi Single Link, 1 dvi Dual Link)

What would be the way to connect to 3 lg ips237L monitors
Input per monitor- (2 hdmi, 1 vga )

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  1. think i might have the answer on the eyefinity setup guide lol
  2. Actually i am still pretty confused after reading the guide, because my monitors don't have dvi.

    So can anyone give me some suggestions?
  3. After reading the guide, if i am not wrong, it should be

    7970 Card 1 display port------> adaptor to hdmi---------> monitor 1
    7970 Card 1 hdmi-------------------------------------------> monitor 2
    7970 Card 1 dvi----------------> adaptor to hdmi --------> monitor 3

    Which I have two questions about this setup.

    1> Would i be able to use the native hdmi output on my 2nd 7970 card to save myself an adaptor?

    2> Should i use the dvi dual link or single link with an adaptor?

    Sorry I am really new to eyefinity with mutli cards
  4. Is this the guide you've been following? >>

    But in answer to your questions,
    1) Not while they're in crossfire mode.
    2) I've heard single link works best with hdmi adapters.

    Just one thing, make sure your displayport adapter is active (I think all hdmi ones are anyway, but not sure)
  5. thanks for your reply, yes that is the guide I have read.

    Therefore I should better get a single link adapter?

    And how do I find out if the displayport adapter is active or not?
  6. I guess I have figured out what active displayport adapter is :)
  7. I run an EyeFinity + 1 setup (4 Monitors). The way you will need to connect is as follows.

    1.) HDMI to HDMI (Just a normal HDMI Cable)

    2.) DVI (Dual Link) to HDMI (DVI and HDMI both carry the signal the same way, the only difference is the connectors. You DO NOT need an adapter for this, you simply need a DVI to HDMI cable).

    3.) Displayport Adadpter (changes displayport to DVI), and from here another DVI to HDMI cable.

    I have seen Displayport to HDMI adapters but have heard of several people having issues with them in EyeFinity. Get one of the adapters said to officially work with EyeFinity like below.

    To answer your other question, in Crossfire, you can only use the connections on the primary card. All outputs on the secondary card are disabled.
  8. thanks a lot for the reply, i have now ordered pretty much the same set up now :)
  9. monitor 1 dvi
    monitor 2 dvi or hdmi
    monitor 3 display to dvi or vga

    amd supported eyefinity adapters

    Eyefinity Setup Guide
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