7870 with an amd fx 4100?

I'm going to upgrade from a 550 ti to the 7870. I have an amd fx 4100 processor.

Would my processor bottleneck the 7870? Should I wait until I can upgrade my CPU?
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  1. Thats a bit hazy.
    7870 is still a fresh card, hasn't gone stale yet...
    What games will you be playing?
  2. I was hoping to give BF3 a try but right now I play Bad Company 2, total war games and civ 5. The new Medal of Honor looks good. (Played the beta on 360) I really just plan to play a lot of older games that I've missed out on and some new upcoming releases.
  3. Well... for games like Civilation 5 and Battlefield 3's multiplayer it will bottleneck quite severely.In everthing else it will be OK.
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