Spilt a lot coffee on my PC... and

as soon as I did it my screen went blank. I hurried and turned it off. While dropping 100 or so f'bombs, I realized the coffee had leaked through the top and was covering my GTX580, as well as a few other items.

I removed everything that had coffee on it and cleaned up the liquid at the bottom of the case. I removed the backplate off of the 580 and found dried coffee (from the heat) all over it. I figured it was done. I took a damp cloth and wiped the dried coffee up and dried it well. I put everything back together to see if it booted OK... and much to my surprise... it did. I can't believe it. When the coffee hit the card the monitor went blank, so I figured it shorted the board.

Hats off to you EVGA for making coffee-proof cards!
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  1. I have seen maple syrup in a computer(sound card). Ran the card under warm water(It did not have parts that water would hurt) and let it dry over night. All was good :)

    Some people are lucky I guess :)
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