SB pci128/Vibra and ASUS A7V266-E!....

Hello everybody.

I have just purchased an Asus A7V266-E motherboard and i am having severe problems with the onboard soundcard. So i tried to fit my old SB 128/Vibra (CT4810) soundcard. But i get an extremely unpleasent sound (almost pink noise!) no matter which PCI slot i use and no matter what drivers i use. I get the problem in both Win2K and XP. I was considering to upgrade to a Live! but i read that a lot of people are experiencing problems with them as well...

Any ideas how to fix my problem or any good suggestions if a new card would solve the problem?

THX in advance

AMD900/Asus A7V 266-E
256 MB 2100 RAM
Creative GeForce2 GTS
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  1. Exactly what problems do you have? i got the board to and some problems with the c media chip.
    My problems are/were these,
    The sound distorted when i moved the mouse, it was quiet but i could still hear it in the background when i played games and stuff, like small mice peeping or something. i stopped when i switched from ps/2 to com port mouse. Still unacceptable, i shuld be able to use a ps/2 mouse problem free.

    Crappy sound quality when using anything but the audirack programes that came with the drivers. I upgraded the cmedia drivers and audirack, upgraded windows media player, will try the wdm drivers instead of the vxm drivers as soon as i can get my hands on a win98se or 2000. still no solution.
    It's like something lowers the sample frequency when i use windows media/directsound, especially voices and drum cymbals crack up and starts sounding artificial.
    If i use the wave oputput in winamp i get good sound and the directsound plugin sounds crap so it has to be something in that direction, i got the latest direct x and that didn't help.

    well that's as faar as i've gotten in a few hours this afternoon It would be ok if the sound was as crappy in all the modes that way i could write it off as a crappy chip, but now that i know i can sound good i must find the solution.

    wow that was long and full of language errors : ) i'll blabe the fact that it's late and i'm tired.
    what problems did you have with the cmedia chip?

  2. have you disabled the onboard soundcard ?

    EasyInfo :cool:
    I would like to Invest for my PC !!
    ok, buy nothing.
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