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i hooked up a computer a buddy gave me put a new motherboard new video card and new power supply seems to be wired correctly, but when i go to start it up i keep getting different results sometimes it starts i get the bios and video dies but keeps running, other times it has no video at all and other times it just goes to start up and then shuts down and tries to restart repeatedly. i have tried an old video card and power supply with the same reults. any list of problems this might be? lol thank you for any help kinda new at this.
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  1. 1. What was the original CPU that was with the old MOBO?
    2. What is the OS on the system?
    3. If the OS was OEM version that could be causing alot of problems because you switched MOBO's.
    4. Do you have everything hooked up correctly, Is the board on standoffs? Are the 24 pin and 6 or 8 pin hooked into the MOBO?
  2. cant get ahold of the guy not sure what the cpu is honestly didnt give me the box, i threw out the old mobo, its running windows 7 and its an education copy and was a fresh install with all the new hardware... the board is on standoffs according to the manual everything is hooked up correctly and tried a different combination on the panel pins that didnt work that i found other people used. and yes the 24 and 6 pins are hooked up.
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