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Hi, I recently got an Diamond Radeon HD 7770, to play battlefield 3. I am running a dell with a core i5 750 with 4GB of DDR2 RAM, my PSU is 350W and i worry about this because the recommendation is 450W.
The graphics card comes over clock at about 1100 mhz(i beleive). I got MSI afterburner and have lowered it down to 900 or BF 3 won't play, should i be concerned about over heating the PSU?
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  1. You should upgrade to at least 400/ 450W.
    Running a PSU near its maximum capacity is not recommended.
    You will end up blowing your PSU with all its components inside.
  2. Use the highest wattage QUALITY PSU you can afford. Consider it an insurance policy. Stressing a PSU is one of the worst things anybody can do to a computer or anything else. You wouldn't run your car in first gear would you?
  3. Total system power at reasonable load expectancy is around 200w, if it was a good 350 this shouldn't be a problem but we don't know what psu is in the dell. If you could give us the make and model aswell as the amperes on the rails it would help us out a good deal.

    Though they are using an overclocked 3960x. But I can't see your power usage being to far off of that 200w mark.
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