What do you think of this?

Building a gaming pc and ordered most of the parts, what do you think of this build/ is it all compatible?

Processor: i5 3570k ivy bridge

GPU: gigabyte geforce gtx 660

PSU: corsair tx 750

OS: windows 7

mobo: gigabyte Z77X-UD3H LGA 1155 Z77 intel

Ram: 8gb corsair vengeance

Hard drive: 1tb WD caviar black

Case: Cooler master haf 932

Cooling:air cooled by fans in the case

Dvd Burner: doesn't matter

monitor: BenQ gw2450 4ms(GTG)

price = around $ 1250

What do you guys think? (first build)
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  1. Unless you're planning to add a second GTX660 in SLI, you could run that on a 500W-550W PSU, so you can save a little money there.
    Get a Xigmatek Gaia (found in testing over at Frostytech to be superior to the Crappermaster Hyper 212+ and similar but quieter than the EVO variant) to cool it if you are interested in overclocking. If you aren't (and you need not feel compelled to), you can get an i5-3470 instead to save some more money, in which case the stock cooler should be sufficient. That's a good choice on the HDD; the only models to retain five year warranties. It's also fast (for a HDD). You might use some of the money saved to get a GTX660Ti, HD7870, or HD7950.
    Edit: Oops, missed that you've already ordered. Well then, it's a nice rig, although as indicated I would probably have chosen a stronger graphics card, but it's not a great big deal. The PSU offers plenty of headroom for future upgrades, and everything is compatible.
  2. Yeah I already bought the case , gpu, cpu, psu, windows, and monitor. I know the psu is too much but at the time on new egg a tx750 was 5 dollars cheaper than the tx650 so I went with it. And wait the coolermaster isn't a good case? I wont be overclocking so long as I can play on game on mid to high settings. Is the stock cooler enough on the 3570k and gtx660?
  3. Sweet, and as long as the gtx 660 can play any game mid to high or even ultra I'm fine with it. Thank you though man
  4. The Gaia is a CPU cooler ($20 right now). The stock cooler is fine if you don't want to OC.
    The GTX660 should be able to play with a lot of high settings, likely as many on "Ultra" as on "Medium."
  5. Alright thank you, I might get the cpu cooler just incase! OC-ing a cpu would be used to just get more fps right? If so I think I will already have around 50-60 so theres no gain for me correct?
  6. Usually, OC'ing a CPU that's already as powerful as an i5-3570K doesn't make much difference, at least not compared to OC'ing a graphics card.
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