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Hey folks, I just bought a GTX 550 ti superclocked video card from tiger direct this past week and have obviously been having issues.

When I set it up there was no display to my monitor, as if it wasn't connected to my GPU. Would it have to do with my cables? I'm simply using a DVI cable and that worked fine with my previous card the 9800gtx.

Also when I boot it up, I receive 2 really fast beeps, almost sounding like it was one beep. That doesn't make sense to me because doesn't that mean I have faulty RAM or something? wouldn't that interfere with my other video card?

Thanks for the help, if you need anymore information just ask!
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  1. What is your motherboard and PSU?

    Did you hook up the auxiliary power cable (most likely a single 6-pin connector) to the new graphics card?

    Does the monitor display anything at all upon boot-up like a BIOS splash screen? Is the monitor itself set to the proper input (DVI)?

    Did you FULLY seat the graphics card in the slot? With the computer unplugged, make sure the card is all the way down in the slot. Pull it out and stick it back in if you have to.
  2. I have a gigabyte ga-990xa-ud3 my psu is a 700w corsair.

    I never got an auxiliary cable, so i figured that it wasn't needed.

    the monitor does not display anything when booted up. it's already set to DVI.

    I believe i fully seated it but I will try it again.
  3. If this isn't your card, please link your exact card:

    The card has a 6-pin "PCIe Power" connector on the end furthest from the monitor connector. Your PSU has a 6-pin PCIe power connector that needs to be plugged into the card (do so with the PSU unplugged from the wall).
  4. This is it, same thing. but I never received any such connector =/
  5. The cable that hooks into the 6-pin socket on the card is part of your PSU. You have a 700w Corsair so there should be a 6-pin PCIe power cable coming out of it. Or if it is a modular PSU then there will be a 6-pin PCIe power cable that came with it that you can now use. Heck there should be at least two of those cables in a 700w corsair. Anyway, if you can't figure out which cable then link your exact psu and I'll explain exactly which cable you need.
  6. Awsome, I'll see if it works. I cant do it today but if I have problems can I pm you?
  7. Yep, you can also post again in this thread too. But if you haven't hooked up the 6-pin power then that is your problem. Unless your PSU is really old, it'll have a 6-pin PCIe power cable and you should be all set.
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