Gaming build 1600 CAD dollars

Hello everyone, im planing to build a new gaming system in the next 2 weeks or so and I need some advice for the parts im going to pick. ( This is going to be a gift for my friend birthday :P )

So anyways I already bought a 32 inches tv 1080p from samsung I dont remember the name of the screen but the res is 1920 x 1080p

So for the build I would really like a corsair case or a coolermaster since I had them before and there are solid and good cases I'd prefer midtower but if you can fit a fullsize well why not =)

For the cpu I didnt tried the new amd cpu ( the new fx-8350 good or not? ) well anyways

Any good motherboard that are easy with Oc ( I never oc with amd but I'll do it if the new cpus are good :P )

Going with a 8gb seems like the best option any brand ( as long as I can overclock the ram its fine )

Gpu wise I always liked crossfire/sli but if its better to snag in a single card I dont mind

I was thinking about a H100 for the cpu cooler but if you know anything that can outperform it and that is not too noisy well that's cool

I was thinking about using a 1.5 Tb HDD
and any good ssd for boot drive

any psu at least 80+ certified is good as long as you dont put a ocz ( had a lot of issues with my last one)

I already have a windows 7 copy :P

and well just put a 20 bucks cd reader xD

Please help me building a new gaming system for my friend that deserve it

Thanks, Mattkov
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  1. I forgot to mention that the pc will mostly be used for playing bf3 maxed out, world of warcraft and the upcoming Far Cry 3
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