Not sure how to use old HDD in new build

I recently completed a new pc build after my old HP crashed in October. I have Windows 7 64 bit home premium installed on my HDD currently. Can I use my old HDD from the previous computer that was running Windows Vista in my new build? For example, if I connect it to the MOBO can I just access the files or do I have to update that HDD from Vista to W7? I have a couple of days worth of files that weren't backed up that I am hoping I can retrieve.
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  1. Yes, you should be able to connect it to your motherboard. This is assuming your old hard drive is still functional since you mentioned your previous system crashed. You will just want to make sure when you boot that it continues to boot to the new Win7 drive. This can be changed in the BIOS if for some reason it boots off the Vista drive.
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