Motherboard will not boot with dedicated Physx.

Hey guys!

So I just got a new motherboard the other day, the ASRock Extreme3 Z77, and it seems to work great, but for some reason when I try to boot the system with my GTX460 and the GTS250 for Physx, I am unable to boot past the BIOS screen and it just hangs there. With either card in either of the slots though it boots fine with no problems.

Any insight? Build is in the signature.

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    It seems like a hardware issue but I'm not entirely sure. It seems like you've got an OS on your hard drive already, so something must be preventing your computer from booting up with a dual card setup. Maybe you need to download all drivers for each of the video cards?
  2. Well, I did a fresh install of the OS when I got the new motherboard. It installed fine with 2 cards, but to turn it off I had to hold the power button down.

    Its a little werid, because I had been wanting to try an SLI setup with my 460, but I don't know if that will be the case. It might be something in the BIOS or something.

    The driver package 306.23 is installed for both cards.
  3. Something is wrong with either your motherboard or in BIOS settings.

    Not sure how to help you there unfortunately.
  4. That's what I'm looking into. Thanks! I'l give you the best answer.
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