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i just built a new computer and everythhing functions fine. the bios runs and all the hardware checks out, but when i tell it to boot from my hdd it starts the window loading screen for about three seconds then performs a system restart. if i do not shut perform a shut down it will continue to start windows ( ive tried two different hdd's one xp and one 7) for two to three seconds the restart and repeat.
mobo: gigabyte ga-z77x-up5th
cpu: inet i7 3770k
psu: corsair gs-800
hsink: zalman cnps 9900 max
ram: gskill ripjaws 2 8gb cards
hdd: seagate barracuda 160 gb
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  1. did you install windows on it as a clean system

    or did you just swap in that old hard drive with an OS on it and expect it to boot?
    Because that wont be happening any time soon
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    Im guessing you are trying to move the drive from another system. If so its not going to work. You might be able to get away with just doing a repair install or inplace upgrade, but to ensure a stable you really need to do a clean install of the OS.
  3. ok i thought that may be my problem. in that case i will wipe my hdd and re-install 7 and if i still have a problem i will ask. thanks for the help, glad it wasnt my hardware. thanks again
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