AMD RAEDON Engine control center audio problem

I have a problem with the default audi device.. Smae days ago i was able to have my surround speakers as default audio device and my headset as communication device. But now I'm not able to get sound from the headset, it works on other computers. When i plug it in the picture of the headset pops up in the "engine control center" but it is faded and i cant click on it.. Dont know how to fix it, please help..
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  1. right click on the sound icon in the lower right on the taskbar and select playback devices click on the device you want to play sound and click set as default device at the bottom of the box in the center.
  2. Ahh yes, i cant see it there for some reason.. But in the engine control center i can see it as faded.. still impossible to click on it. And when i plug out it disapears :S Earlier i was able to click on it. The reason this happened probably is because i tried to get skype communication from speakers and music from the headset, that was hard to do so i ended up deactivating the headset on engine control center. And now i cant figure out how to get it back activated... Its not so easy to explain the problem :p
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