Problem with HDMI sound - Crackle / static sound

I have a problem with my sound that I cannot figure out myself and therefore I hope someone can help me find a solution to it here.

The problem;
Note; I have connected my spekears like this (HDMI from computer to my reciver to my speakers: seems like it's my GPU that handels it and it's a GTX 670 thats up to date.

What happens is that whenever I play World of Warcraft and play music, it starts to crackle (The sound that is) and kinda goes into slow motion mode. IT happens to wow sound also, but not when I use my headphones..

Anyone has any idea what can be the cause and how to fix it?
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  1. Same problem here...not trying to hijack. ATI 7700 to receiver via hdmi. I was getting a tonne of event ID. Are you?

    EDIT:ack, I did not mean to bump this... I thought it was a new post. sorry
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