Hey guys i have a serious problem thats bothering me plz help!!

So this is my 4th attemp to post this before my pc reboots itself again, My Gaming rig is an AMD based system running an AMD FX-6300 OC to 4.4GHz@ 1.38v, cooler is an Antec kuhler h2o 620 idle temp is 17 -20c max load is around 45c on prime, GPU AMD Radeons HD 6850 in CFX mode, motherboard is an ASrock 990FX Extreme4 with 8 gigs of Crucial Ram, and i have 2 WD cavier Blue label HDD in raid 0, Powering my system and so far i suspect it might be my PSU which is a Raidmax 850-RX watt PSU, so my problem is when im using the internet or playing a game my pc freezeis for about 2 sec then either a BSOD presents itself or my PC just restarts. So far this happend to me like 8 times today and the time varies from like either 20 min after boot or about to an hour. But my question is can it be my HDD not receving enough power from the psu to stay on and keep windows running. any help would be appreciated Thanks!!

My system takes up to at least 700 watts according to neweggs PSU calculater located on there website!!
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    Well raidmax does suck. What happens if you take off the oc?
  2. bignastyid said:
    Well raidmax does suck. What happens if you take off the oc?

    Thanks for replying but i think i figured out the problem which is my PSU causing the problem, im never buying another Raidmax PSU just to save some cash, but anyway when i put my cpu back to stock which is 3.5GHz @1.4v the problem does disappear but now before win 7 boots my pc gets a BSOD during the OS loading on the win flag scr and reboots about 2 times till the PSU can spool up enough power for my system to fully boot into win 7, im about to buy a Corsair PSU which someone recommended which is an HX series but im hearing ppl say that those PSU are having some problems and now im thinking about getting a Seasonic PSU but still doing research on it.

    Can you reccomend me a brand that you might know is good thanks
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