How many watt i need?

Hello,may i ask how many watt i need for this build?(just overclocking gpu a little bit)
processor=intel core i5-3470
motherboard=asus p8z77-v lx
graphic card=msi gtx650 power edition oc edition
storage=WD 1tb caviar black
ram=kingston value ram 4gbx2 1600mhz
optical drive=asus DRW-24B5ST/BLACK
casing=thermaltake commander MS-I(usb 3.0)
fans=3 additional 120mm led casing fans
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  2. but maybe i will run medium overclocking on the gpu in future
    so is silverstone ST60F-ES enough? :)
  3. Yes, more than enough.
  4. how many years old?
  5. what how many years old?
  6. thanks for your help alexoiu,i appreciate~ :D
    i still want ask if stock cpu fan enough for cooling or should i get a aftermarket cpu cooler?
    (not going to overclock cpu)
  7. Here are some tests:
    I would install though an aftermarket one. Not necessarily when firstly assembling the system.
  8. If you're overclocking the CPU, get the aftermarket one. never try to overclock with a stock cooler... it's barely enough for it normally lol.
  9. not overclocking the CPU just overclocking the GPU only =)
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