Nvidia 3D Vision Glasses won't synch

Running Nvidia 3D Vision Pro (RF hub & glasses) on a Qudro card, latest drivers, Win7 64. Application is quad buffered OpenGL viewer which works perfectly with my Alienware 120 Hz monitor via dual link DVI. Problem is I cannot get my BenQ W710ST (Nvidia 3D Vision ready) projector to work properly. Per BenQ's instructions, I connect to the projector via the VGA cable supplied with the projector, projector 3D synch is set to Nvidia 3D Vision, resolution/refresh 1280x720@120Hz, and everything appears to be working, characteristic "double display" and glasses indicate they are synched, Nvidia Control Panel indicates they are synched, but still no 3D. I'm assuming the glasses are not actually synched with the display -- if anyone has any insight I'd really appreciate your help
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  1. I remember reading in another forum that they had to activate the 3D sync inversion on the projector.
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