4870 -> 7870/7950/670 or wait HD8xxx (GW2)

Hey All thanks in advance as always.

Playing GW2 at 1080p on i5-2500k with my Sapphire 4870(from forever ago) both at stock.

I have gotten used to these settings so it really doesnt bug me to play so low per se... but definitely eyeballing an upgrade.

Placing max emphasis on spending as little $ as possible but also looking for the best deal price to performance wise looking for general opinions.

I assume the gain i'd see moving up to 7870 would be quite good but from there I assume it wouldnt necessarily scale equally. So Im kinda just stuck on justifying the cash to go higher.

My typical "paralysis by analysis" has led me to finally just ask... Any advice/thoughts/support?
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    Well, only you can decide how much money you want to spend, but here's the Tom's GPU hierarchy chart:,3107-7.html
    Anything you do in the range you're talking about is going to be a massive improvement. You're right that value decreases at the very high end. The 7870 is a pretty great deal, yes, but you can go lower if you want. The 7850's a better value. You'll have to decide somehow where you want to draw the line.
    It's good that you're running the 2500K, as it's a powerhouse, but you should do some overclocking if you do a serious GPU upgrade. How's your case ventilation/heatsink setup right now?
  2. As kajabla said, the 7870 will certainly give you a very nice improvement. Additionally, you should see some gain by overclocking the cpu (why you got the 'k' ?)
    I'd check out tom's latest 'best gfx cards for the money' -,3107.html

    You do have a choice of possible cards that will give you "Excellent 1920x1200 performance" e.g. 7870, unless you're going to change your monitor soon. The final choice is your's but you won't go wrong using Don's/Tom's recommendations.
  3. Im using one of the old Antec 300's with virtually 0 cable management and a stock cooler(didnt have the cut out to facilitate easy mounting of an aftermarket cooloer so evo212 got returned).

    Core temp hasnt passed 74c and sits at 40c regularly.

    Although this is the 2nd system ive built (cannabilized several components from my previous q6600 setup) it still strikes me as a flat out hassle to swap it all into a new case at the moment.

    No real intention of going beyond 1080p anytime soon, i dont think.
  4. 74C is kind of alarming, and you'll get higher temperatures if you overclock. The 300's a plenty decent case, though. Would it be too much of a hassle to go for the EVO now?
  5. I wouldn't call the 7850 a better value. The 7870 has gotten so cheap that it has comparable value, just at a higher price and performance bracket.
  6. luciferano said:
    I wouldn't call the 7850 a better value. The 7870 has gotten so cheap that it has comparable value, just at a higher price and performance bracket.

    agree with luciferano on 7870 value.

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