Hacked system. Lost my administrator status. Help!

I have been fighting with a wireless network hacker for months with no success. I have tried reloading Windows XP. but the reload contains things like Redhat and linux programs that do not even exist on my xp install disk. How can I find this wireless hacker and h9ow can I get rid of his control programs?
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  1. Take the hard disk out of the computer. Connect this hard disk as an external hard disk to another computer. Do a complete format. Re-do the format. Use "Eraser" on this disk.

    Now, install this disk in the original computer and re-install the OS and other programs. Also, install a good Internet security program.

    You will have a much higher level of security.
  2. i've seen a program called kon-boot that allows you too get admin priveleges, even from reg user status.
    i've used it to bypass passwords on win7, but it's kinda hard to find the 64bit version
  3. Thank you all for your answers. So far I m still unable to get rid of the hackers and their hidden programs tht get added to my system and refreshed each time I boot up. I tried formatting the disc as an external hard drive, but the hidden partitions are not effected by the format. Evidently they reset the command to ignore them.

    I am very interested in the kon-boot that dee90 mentioned. I do not have a 64 bit package in any of my computers, yet all of them have 64 bit programs that are blocked by the outside administrator. I can't get to them to even see what they do. If anyone has other suggestions that might help, please let me know. Thank you all, John
  4. What you have is a "root kit" virus. Can be removed by a complete format.

    Download and run "ERASER" - then connect the hard disk to a different computer as a secondary disk and then NTFS format it.
  5. Rootkits can be removed without formatting.
  6. Tdsskiller

  7. Those programmes are only coming on at startup because you haven't stopped them so before taking any further action bring up the Open box by pressing Windows key and R together then type msconfig and hit Enter. Click the StartUp tab and untick everything except your firewall and your anti-virus. Look down the list for anything you don't think should be there and take the information as to tjhe file location to hep you delete things manually. When you've finished that, click Apply and OK your way out.

    Restart the machine and tick "Don't show this message again" when prompted by the system configuration message box. Download ATF Cleaner from http://www.atribune.org and CCleaner from http://www.piriform.com and let both clear out the rubbish. Then start with TDSSKiller from Kasperky's site http://kaspersky-tdsskiller.en.softonic.com/.

    If problems persist, post back - you may need ComboFix next.

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