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I am trying to decide between getting a triple display or a larger better quality single screen. The problem is that i dont have the desk space for anything larger than a 21.5" or so if i was to get three. Or i could also go with a decent 24" IPS panel. Does anyone have any input on the subject and/or some ideas for displays. Id prefer not to spend more money than i need to so about 450$ for triple or 200$ for a single panel. The main purposes of these will be for gaming and productivity.

Thanks for you input

Considering this for the single:

Or these for triple

or if i try to be a cheapo
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    I suggest you go for a single but with a larger LED screen! :) it is more economical and practical :)
  2. yes but triple displays just seem like way too much fun... well i guess quad technically. ill use my tv or my old moniter as an accessory display
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