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LG DRD8160B DVD-ROM not recognized!

August 4, 2004 7:29:23 PM

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Well, I've been trying to install my old Plextor PX-
W8432T CD-R into my existing computer with my LG DRD8160B
DVD-ROM, and I think I've finally installed it correctly.

The current setup is:
Primary Master bus is my MAXTOR HD, no slave.
Secondary Master is my Plextor CD-R, and Secondary Slave
is my LG DVD-ROM. I've checked and rechecked that
everything is installed correctly, jumpers included.
There are no loose wires, etc. When I boot it runchecks
ok, its when I get into windows that the problems arise.

Both my Drives (DVD and Plex CD-R) have exlamation marks
in my device manager with code 39. "Windows cannot load
the device driver for this hardware. The driver may be
corrupted or missing."

What gets me is that my DVD-ROM worked perfectly fine
before I installed Easy CD Creator and the Plextor drive.
I found the program made my system unstable (wasnt meant
to work on XP). I tried looking for upgrades at etc but I couldn't find anything useful.
There were a couple remaining .dll files that were still
around after I uninstalled, a Cdralw2k.SYS and Cdr4_2K
which come up in my event viewer as being blocked
(because it makes my system unstable, I think they were
associated with Easy Creator). This whole part really
confuses me, and I think this is why my drives are being
recognized because I didn't something wrong when I
uninstalled Easy CD Creator.

But somehow I think that when I uninstalled Easy Creator,
I accidently uninstalled some drivers being used by my
DVD-ROM Drive, too. Hence my problem. Both drives are not
recognized by windows and I'm at a loss at what Drivers I
need. Maybe firmware?

I'm very frustrated with the drives, All I want is for my
DVD-RoM to work again.

Please if you have any solution/fixes send and email to or respond here.

Thanks for your time!