New mainboard for i7 920


i want to replace my mainboard. want to start using sata3> Am using an asus p6t deluxe now(dont like it).
Anyone? Got ddr ram, 16 gb.

Also need a decent onboard raid.
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  1. Don't waste your money on an old 1366 mobo.
  2. what would you advice?
  3. Hold off until you can upgrade both CPU and mobo. Why do you need SATA3 anyway?
  4. sata 3 is for my ssd. sata2 isnt fast enough
  5. Sure it is.
  6. You'll have to spend a lot of money for that upgrade and in real life, you wont feel the big different with that upgrade.

    But if you want it, then go for a PCI card that has SATA600 and USB3 or so
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