Pagefile keeps moving back to SSD

Hello, i set no paging file on my SSD, and enabled it on my HDD, but for some reason the pagefile keeps going back to my SSD the following day. Anyone might know what the hell is going on?
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  1. I'd keep it on the SSD... paging really slows the computer down on an HDD (Its using the storage as RAM), SSD will be a lot faster. Just limit the size
  2. I got the same issue. I don't really care if my paging file is slower on HDD, but I do care when windows keeps changing something back again and again and again and again.....
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  6. I hate it when people keep posting again and again and again ;).

    I'm sure it's not your fault though, just couldn't resist the pun :P

  7. It is usually best for the performance to set the paging file in SSD. Perhaps Windows see it also the same way and set it back again to the SSD.

    @marshallbradley: sh* posted that first...LoL
  8. It's not like I pressed that button more than one time....
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