Display freeze- Computer still runs.

Hello, everyone. I've posted this thread I think once before, and replied to another guy's thread who appears to have had the same problem. My first thread I forgot about, but I do know that none of the fixes worked. (I also forgot to activate that account via email, so it got deleted, naturally.) The second thread that I replied in got locked. I posted this problem in the "memory and cpu" forum too, but I see no way to find my threads/posts so I do not know how to access it. I will just favorite this one in case I get any replies.

Okay, I've said this a million times, but here's my problem: While playing games (Usually. Sometimes it is random.) my display freezes, and after a few seconds (Perhaps a few minutes) the sound starts looping or going all digitalized and weird-sounding. Sorry for the childish sounding words, but I can't think of another way to explain it. I must hard shutdown/reset the computer for it to work again.

This problem did NOT happen until about a year or so of owning the computer. My house has not changed at all, this simply started happening one day. The computer does NOT shut off, it simply goes to a sort of..standby, I guess? Not sure how to explain it, but read the previous paragraph- There is no way to "wake" it.

Ironically, I had a VERY similar problem with my old laptop. In fact, it's almost exactly the same except my laptop's display simply turned black or displayed a color and then froze and looped sound.

Anyway, I've tried numerous fixes. I'll list a few below.

1. Cleaning computer out.
2. Getting better cooling. I have the following case, which now has 4 fans in it:
3. Adjusting memory timings.
4. Checking temperatures. CPU Runs 60 degrees celsius on full load, and the I do not remember the video card temperatures but I'm fairly sure they were okay too.
5. Changing CPU cooler.s
6. Getting a new PSU. This did solve other problems, but not this one.
7. Running full systems scans, boot time scans, running memtest.
8. Tried turning off ALL overclocking features (I had none to begin with, but apparently AMD has some setup by default.) and other useless things that would simply harm the computer.
9. Running on built in video card as opposed to the 5770.

Now, for my specs:

CPU: AMD Phenom II X6 1090T Black Edition
GFX: XFX ATI Radeon HD 5770 (It is not the box-shaped one, it's the other one. Specifically:
Case: Listed above.
Cooling: 4 fans within the case/ 2 Rear fans, one being a large 200m one, one being a normal 120m or so case fan. 2 Fans on the side.
HDD: Shouldn't matter, as I've tried a few different hard drives to no avail, but it's a 1tb 7200 RPM HDD.

I'm sincerely hoping one of you guys can help me this time. This problem has gone on far too long, and I'm getting extremely frustrated with it. I am fairly confident it is NOT a software problem, but if you are pretty sure it is I would be happy to try any fixes you might have. If it is a hardware problem, what should I replace?

Thank you so much for your time. And please, if you ask a question (For instance, requesting more information about my build, or asking about a specific thing.) PLEASE check back to see if I've responded, as bumping is against the rules and it sucks if I reply and then wait for a reply that will never come.

I really don't know what to do with this computer anymore. I simply can't afford to build a new one, unless I bought the same parts somehow and hoped they weren't faulty. One big question I have is this, though: Is my motherboard incompatible with the memory?
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  1. If you run on built-in video card, does the very same problem exist ?

    Have you done a full memory diagnostics ? Prepare a bootable CD and boot to it to run memory diagnostics. Run the test as long as you take it, 6-8 hours is O.K.

    Then run Kombustor and watch voltages with . If you note any anomalies, please advise. Ex: 12 V voltage goes below 12.4 V

    EDIT: Sorry for typing error. It is not 12.4 V. Should be 11.4 V. Voltage should be within +/- 5% tolerance on all voltages, i.e. 12 V, 3.3 V, 5 V, etc.
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    Usually, when you have a screen freeze but the computer keeps running, it's your video card, or video drivers going bad/are bad.
  3. Could very well be the case- memadmax. And thanks, Suat, I will look into that. I have only (So far.) run the built in Windows 7 memory test. Forgot what it's called, but looking up "memory" in the search should turn up a result or two.

    Max, if that is the case, what should I do? The part that confuses me is that (This will also answer Suat's question.) I DID try both build in/on-board video and an actual video card. Is it possible that both are messed up somehow? I know the drivers are up to date, as I have updated them many times and searched far and wide to make sure I have the very latest ones.

    If it is a video card problem, that will be a relief to me as it will be just as simple as replacing the video card. If it ISN'T that simple, though, we have a whole 'nother problem, possibly an entire motherboard replacement which I can't exactly afford just now. (But I will still welcome and suggestions that say that might be the case.)
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  5. Okay, everybody. I tried actually UNINSTALLING my current drivers and reinstalling the latest ones, and that appeared to fix the problem. This is not a bump, as I do not want anymore replies nor do I need a problem fixed anymore. If anyone else has a similar problem, try the following two things-

    1. Adding a new cooling solution. Whether it be more fans or watercooling it does not matter, just get the computer ventilated properly.
    2. Uninstall and reinstall the latest drivers. If you do not know how to do that, you just go to device manager "display driver" or "display device" (I do not remember what it was called.) and select uninstall. Then go to your GFX card company's website and download the latest ones from there.

    Thanks everyone for your help, and please lock/close this topic now.
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