Case button not working first build

i have the zalman z11 plus case and the asrock z77 extreme 4 mobo and i follow the manual and plug in all the connectors but the powerbutton on the case does not work. Whenever i boot it up from the mobo it boots up just fine. in the manual the header has more slots than the case has. The power switch header on the case is 2 slots but the manual says the power button only uses one. this is my first build and i would greatly appreciate any help
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  2. ive done this it still dosnt work
  3. i see 2 plugs coming from the top of the case were the power button. do i have to put something in there
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  5. Did you get it?
  6. yes the problem was that the conectors wernt conected to the button
  7. Good.
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