NVIDIA Installation failed? Please help

Hello so I have a nvidia geforce 8800gs, A little old of a card but it gets the job done. Now I want to upgrade to the new 306.23 driver as I believe my outdated driver is causing some problems with a few games.

My problem is once I start up the nvidia installer it skips right past system check, license agreement, and options with each having a green check mark next to it. Instead it goes straight to install and says installation failed and under status for all the drivers is "not installed"

I have tried deleting my older drivers, using driver sweep and ccleaner. Have also tried going into safe mode, ensuring all drivers are cleaned out and then installing there. But still I get this same problem. Also went into properties to unblock the file and I dont believe any firewall should be blocking it. Having done a search through the web and not finding anything on where to go next for this im in some real need of help here.
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    So after stumbling upon another method on the internet I found my solution.

    Oddly enough just by going into device manager and selecting install drivers on computer then browsing my files and going to the unpacked driver files It was able to install the drivers without a hitch. Probably could of saved me an hour or two trying this earlier lol but hey at least something worked. Still very odd however that the nvidia installer refuses to work but ill take what I can get.

    Hope this helps anyone else running into this problem
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