Black Screen with Zotac Gtx 560 ti

Hi This is the second time I am asking about this here because I realized I described my problem very incorrectly the first time.

I have read quite a few other posts on the internet describing the same problem but I believe that many of them dont understand truly what is happening or have not described problem completely at least which is why I am trying to describe in as much detail as possible what my problem is. Please forgive my poor english and read completely what I have to say. I would be very very grateful if you would do that...

Heres the problem I am having

Every time I try to run a game and sometimes watch videos or surf picture heavy sites (any game dx9, dx8, dx11 etc) I will get a black screen (kind of like a refresh which happens when you change resolutions) after a few minutes in to the game and then
1 the graphics either completely gets scrambled, and the system is completely non responsive which means I have to restart the system OR
2 the game or browser window will crash and I will get the message in Windows that the drivers had to close down and has restarted. OR
3 (very rarely) The blank screen (refresh) will happen properly and the game will continue as normal

In all cases, that is, after a restart OR if I survived the black screen (refresh) OR if it just crashed the graphics drivers and I didnt have to reboot, I can then play games for as long as I want without issues which is the weird part.

I can then even switch to any other game (any demanding game even) so long as I do it quickly after quitting the first game. If I just let the pc sit or do normal stuff then the refresh happens again and then when I have to play a game it will happen again which probably means that its gonna scramble the screen completely and I will have to restart the system.

I have an i5 3550 quad core processor, 8 gb crossair ram, Zotac 560 ti card and a cooler master PSU (600w) to power the system.

Also I have been running MSI afterburner to figure out the temparature and stuff
and I have discovered that the gpu goes up to a max of around 75 C during demanding games. I have tried playing around the voltage settings in Afterburner as well increasing it to 1.050 or 1035 from the base 1025 none of which has helped.

Also every time I try to benchmark the system using MSI kombustor the system crashes (the same black screen followed by scrambled graphics)

Again If anybody here could help me I would be very greatful
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  1. For me, the fact that you cannot put into under load without triggering a crash points toward a faulty GPU. If the card is still under warranty, I would return it.
  2. Can u specify the exact gpu and psu model?
    Have u updated all ur drivers? I remember there was a problem with a zotac card in which u had to first install the driver from the cd given by the manufacturer and then update from nvidia
    Have u tried setting power management mode in nvidia control panel to prefer max performance?
    Or it could be a faulty gpu or psu
  3. Herr_Koos said:
    For me, the fact that you cannot put into under load without triggering a crash points toward a faulty GPU. If the card is still under warranty, I would return it.

    Hi I am sorry to be replying so late but what I want to say is that just like games "I CAN indeed stress test for as long as I want" its just that I have to survive the black screen thing with nothing happening or the driver just crashing and recovering.

    Even if the black screen (which is shorter than a resolution change black screen but longer than a refresh black screen) crashes the system, after restarting my computer, I CAN PLAY GAMES OR STRESS TEST for as long as I want and it will run flawlessly and not even over heat unduly.

    Just that, as I have said before I need to launch each game or demanding app right after the previous one or if the gap is big enough the card seems to go back to non gaming mode and will hence need to do the refresh thingy once again when I launch a game.

    So my card definitely CAN take punishment and has the capability to run any demanding game of today but as I said before, the black screen refresh thing will happen once after launching the game and if I survive it, I am good to go.

    p.s my card is indeed under waranty and I am taking it back soon but I dont know if they will replace it because its been quite a few months since have been sitting on this shitty card

    @ chimera I cant make out the exact model of my psu but its from crossair so the brand is ok. As for drivers, I have been trying every single driver that is coming out from Nvidia but ofcourse none have truly helped and setting power preference to performance in nvidia cpanel is useless as well.

    I have also tried playing around with voltages and under/over clocking in MSI/Inspector and nothing has stopped the problem but yes underclocking or adjusting the voltages does SEEM to make the system more stable
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