What graphic card suits intel core 2 duo

can anyone help me out for choosing which graphic card would be best for gamin in ....intel core 2duo E7500 2.93ghz ...ive got intel express chipset g4...but i need a better one....so can any1 suggest me some graphic card whic suits ma motherboard
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  1. Something in the range of an old nVidia 9800GT would be just fine. You could even go a little bit higher than that without any major bottlenecks.

    More important than the CPU are your power supply, the software you wish to run, and what quality and resolution you intend to play at.

    Keep in mind also that you can always get a much better GPU which will be bottlenecked by your current system, and then keep it when you eventually upgrade your CPU/mobo/Ram.

    All PCI Express cards will work in all PCI Express motherboards regardless of revision (provided you have the power supply to back it up). They will just run at the interface speed of the slowest device.
  2. maximum you should go 7850 but it would have some bottleneck unless overlcokcing is done on cpu
  3. forgot to mention:
    Just because the 9800GT is about as fast as you can go without bottlenecking does not mean that is the card to get. Always look on the hardware charts and try and find the most modern card that has similar or slightly better performance. It will take less power, support newer software better, and generally age better over time than a card that is already old.
  4. If I were buying in this situation I would look at a 7770
  5. +1 on hd 7770...and when you upgrade your system you can xfire two 7770 and i would assume by then they should have better xfire drivers.. that's what I am going to do.. heheh..
  6. thanks man....n does anyother graphic card higher than nvidia 9500gt suit ma system....n earlier u meant tat it all depends on ma power supply??
  7. yes.. any graphic card will work it just depends on your psu and budget. Look at this guy.. he tried to use a hd 7970 with a core2duo e8400. Yes there is a lot of bottleneck, but it just shows that it can still work...

  8. I installed a 7850 with my e5400 and it worked. The card did have annoying coil whine. Also, the card beat my 9600gt hands down.
  9. supergtr were you able to achieve the same results as in the benchmarks of i7 builds? or is there some bottleneck with your cpu?
  10. I didn't run any benchmarks on it as the high pitched noise (probably squealing caps) was too annoying to bear. So I sent it back.
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