GTX650 TI vs 7770 OC Ed.

I was looking at the benchmarks for the GTX650 TI against a reference 7770 and it seems that the GTX650 TI is around 20% faster. I do not know how a 650TI will compare against one of the Sapphire OC Edition 7770's. I like the EVGA GTX650 TI 1GB SSC and either of the Sapphire OC 7770's (OC, VaporX). I'm looking at both of these cards so I can make a decision on which one to purchase.
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  1. GTX 650 ti performed better on benchmarks.. I am not sure if they're biased. In their test the GTX 650 ti performed better than HD 6850.
  2. sorry but the GRX 650 ti sucks i rather recommend this as it outperforms the GTX 650 ti in every direction for $10 more

    HIS HD 7850 1GB $164.99
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    the gtx650ti does not suck. its just that it offers a little bit less performance per dollar than 7850. there if an offer goin on right now assassins creed 3 free with gtx650ti. if you are interested in AC3 then gtx650ti will be the more appealing option. otherwise 7850 is better
  4. gtx 650 ti all the way with nvidias solid drivers :D
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  6. I bought a 7850. Thanks for your help!
  7. great choice !! is it a 1gb or 2gb variant ? and from which brand ?
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