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Ok so today I was playing on my computer and I started to get BSoD messages. I haven't changed anything and hardware or software related no new drivers or anything. No matter what game I play in the middle of the game it will freeze then go to a BSoD. This is all the information I could gather hopefully someone here knows what it is.

Windows has stopped...

stop code 0x0000001A0 (0x00000000000403)

I then went into safe mode and it gave me a message to identify the problem

Local ID 1003

Do you think it's the memory or something else. Like I said I didn't install any new drivers could it be the HDD or SSD?
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    check your temps. If things get too hot (especially in the Ram), it can cause issues. If temperature is not the issue then it is most likely a stick of ram that has gone bad. Run the Windows Memory test a few times, and follow it up with memtest86+ for 6-8 hours (3-4 hours per stick of ram). The two tests check for different types of ram errors, so one may catch issues that the other does not find.
    Ram can and does go bad sometimes. My build last year ran perfect for a month before developing Ram (and mobo) issues which both required RMA.
  2. I haven't checked the temps but I don't think heat should be a problem. I have the Hyper 212 sitting behind the RAM sticks so its sucking air over the Ram stick heat spreaders. With the heatspreaders and air constantly being sucked over the RAM it should be pretty cool. This is what I did so far:

    I have 8 gigs of RAM in a 2X2X2X2 config

    1) took out two stick and left two in- Blue Screen'd
    2) took those two sticks out and put in the other two stick- no BSoD
    3)took those two sticks out and put the first two sticks in again- Blue Screen'd again

    So that would lead to say that one of those two sticks are dead. I'm just afraid it's not the RAM sticks. But what are the chances of a RAM stick going bad? Is it really possible for a RAM stick to work 3 and a half months then just die? It seems most RAM problems happen either right out of the box or within the first 30 days.
  3. Chances of RAM going bad are pretty much 50-50 :( Either RAM stays in the rig and works fine for years together or then usually starts acting funny over a period of time with BSODs.
    Yes, it's very much possible that a component might just die at any given time on a RAM module making it bad.
    Nah, there is no fixed time for it to go bad, it's pretty much not mentioned in any thumb rule, usually when people buy RAM , it's the first month when they start to experiment with it, causing a higher RMA rate for failing RAMs in the first month. Then the RAM starts acting funny, people start changing timings and voltages so, all the experimentation usually takes place withing the first 30 days of purchase, thus the higher stats for RAMs going bad within the first month of use.
  4. I'll take it from you guys I've only been working in IT for about a year so I haven't seen all the hardware problems some have here. So pretty much if a module is going bad its going to go bsd sooner or layer, overclocking the RAM just accelrates the process of failing. I didn't overclock anything yet maybe thats why it took so long to fail. Hopefully replacing the RAM will fix the problem. What I'm most afraid of is having a great gaming PC that I put alot of time and money into and not being able to use it because of constant BSoD that cant be fixed.
  5. Hopefully is just the RAM stock have problem but not the RAM socket have probelm...

    You better run a full memory test ... here is the step
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