Problem with display.

i have a problem regarding my computer. when i start it, it won't display anything but after some time like about 10 minutes or so , the monitor suddenly turns on. I am unable to figure out the problem. i do not know whether the problem is with my monitor or my graphic card. can someone tell me a way through which i can find out what is the fault with my system?

my specs-
Monitor- samsung LED S19B150B.
graphic card : zotac Nvidia Ge force GTX 560 Ti.
processor- intel i5 2320 @ 3.1 Ghz.

Please help to solve this problem.
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    Try to connect the pc to a tv in the house with a pc input / hdmi.
    If still no picture, connect your monitor to the hdmi output on your mobo and let the cpu's onboard hd work instead of gpu.
    This should give you good idea if it's monitor or gpu.
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