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Help Clarifying if these all work together (I'm a noob)

December 1, 2012 6:58:52 PM

Hey guys, I have been wanting to upgrade to a better computer for a while now so I picked out these parts. My friend was nice enough to give me his Fx 8120 , so I will be using that (I can't afford a new cpu, so don't tell me to get a different one please).I don't have enough money to get a new gpu at the moment since I don't have too much money, but I am going to upgrade the gpu later. (I'm getting this mobo to do the job until my birthday, so I can buy a nice one)

Case: [...] 6811147153

Mobo: [...] 6813130657

Psu: [...] 6817139040

Ram: [...] 6820231488

Cpu: [...] 6819103961

Gpu: [...] 6814102875

Like I said, I will be upgrading my lousy old Gpu (I mainly play Wow and League, so I'm not too worried about the gpu seeing as they are mainly cpu based), the place-holder mobo, and will probably add 8 more gb of ram for my Bday. What do you guys think though? I'm new to computers and was wondering if these parts will all work together and if I maybe overclock the 8120 to 4ghz with the stock heatsink and the 750w psu. (Oh and I am buying thermal paste too, is [...] 6835242020 good?) Sorry for all the text and thanks for any help.

Edit: Oh and is there any problem with using my old Hard drive? My brother said it had the right cables, but I was wondering if I would have to delete everything off of it, or if I could just put it in and have everything it has on it now?

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