What PC components can I buy used?

What the title says. What can I buy used and what should I spent the extra to get new?
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  1. You haven't really provided us with any information really.
    Please fill this out.
  2. I should clarify: I'm not asking about pieces for my build. I'm asking about the components *in general.* Are there are certain ones that are so delicate, likely to wear-down, or prone to misuse that you don't want to trust others with them? Which ones? Which components aren't like that?

    If I need to be asking about specific pieces for my build then I'm in the wrong section. Where should I post this instead?
  3. You can ask here, I mean... I don't know how that's any different than if we suggested parts but...

    Which parts are you asking for? Or just in general.
  4. Just in general.
  5. the case can be used.
  6. +1 to case. That's the best thing for second hand. Optical drives are probably fine. Hard disks and SSDs should be avoided.
  7. Thanks. What about motherboards? RAM?
  8. I've bought used ram, but never high end stuff for a mostly new computer.
    +1 to case and optical drives.
  9. Yeah motherboards and RAM are actually the other things I was thinking of... RAM is probably a safe enough bet. I've had sticks die, but it's always been soon as I take them out of the pack and install, so probably manufacturing defects. I've never had a working stick stop working. Motherboard is also probably be fine I think, and I suppose CPU equally! Just be aware of course you won't have the warranty cover. Main things to avoid really are SSD and hard disk - you definitely want those new.
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